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Seasonal fruits and vegetables

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What is seasonal fruit?

Being able to sell seasonal fruit and vegetables is what we work for at Huerta de Pancha. Each fruit has a marked seasonality, which corresponds to the time when they are naturally harvested.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are those that are consumed in a specific season of the year.

Years ago, seasonal fruits were so called because they were available only during a certain time of the year. Today, however, different fruits and vegetables are produced throughout the year, but fruits are still considered “seasonal” based on the fruits that are most abundant during a specific time of the year.

These fruits and vegetables taste better, are often more nutritious and are also cheaper.

Among the factors that make a fruit seasonal or not is the region, or rather, the climate so that the different fruits and vegetables can develop properly.

Why eat seasonal fruit and vegetables?

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables brings with it a great benefit, and that is the flavour and nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables consumed. In addition, this greatly favours small farmers who do not have large greenhouses in which to grow fruit and vegetables out of season.

Another of the great advantages of consuming seasonal fruit and vegetables is the price, and this is closely related to the law of supply and demand: when fruit is in season, there is more production and, therefore, more quantity. As a result, the supply is greater and the price tends to be lower.

The price of fruit and vegetables out of season also rises because this production generates transport and storage costs, which are dispensable when we are dealing with different seasonal fruits, vegetables and greens.

Differences between seasonal and out-of-season fruits and vegetables

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables brings many benefits, not only to the farmers who produce them: it also affects the quality of the products. Fresh fruit that is harvested and reaches the consumer within a few hours is not the same as a product that has been subjected to unnatural preservation processes.

Furthermore, at Huerta de Pancha we are committed to delivering fruit and vegetables at their optimum point of ripeness, thus ensuring that the fruit is as fresh as possible, without undergoing refrigeration processes that could spoil their quality.

Seasonal fruit is also more nutritious, precisely because it is grown and harvested at the right time. This is because the fruits’ natural environment provides them with the optimal conditions they need to grow.

However, a fruit that is in season in summer will not naturally receive the warmth or sunlight to ensure the best growth in winter.

Buy fruits and vegetables in season

If you want to consume quality fruit and vegetables, don’t hesitate and always choose seasonal products. As we have already seen, you will receive tastier fruit, with enhanced nutritional properties, and at a better price!

In short, they are a great choice.