Huerta de Pancha

Seasonal Fruits collected exclusively for you

Your trusted greengrocer is in the field. Choose your favorite fruit, we collect, pack and ship it in 24 hours (free shipping if you buy more than € 30) We are farmers and we collect our fruit exclusively for you. What makes us different from the rest of online greengrocers? We have created this fruit shop at home for lovers of good fruit. We are specialists in tropical fruits. To preserve all the flavor:

We DO NOT use chemicals that make the fruit fat

We DO NOT put it in refrigeration chambers

We do NOT use any kind of preservatives

✔️Only seasonal fruits

✔️Freshly Picked

✔️No rush. Harvested at their optimum point of maturity

Tropical fruits

Vegetables and Tomatoes

Honey and Natural Beehive Derivatives

Other Natural Products

Out of season products