Maracuyá (Passion Fruit)

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Maracuyá, also known as passion fruit, is a delicious tropical fruit.. Buy organic passion fruit from Huerta de Pancha, and enjoy the natural flavour of this naturally grown fruit.

The purple passion fruit is one of the tastiest varieties of passion fruit, and is characterised by a sweet and sour flavour that we manage to enhance with our organic cultivation.



Maracuya’s characteristics

The passion fruit is characterised by being a small fruitwith a size between 4 and 8 centimetres in diameter The skin is purple or violet, depending on the moment of ripening, its interior is yellow-orange and its texture is gelatinous; it is composed of a series of edible black seeds.. In addition, it has a characteristic sweet and sour taste, which is undoubtedly very refreshing.

Maracuya types

There are many varieties of passion fruit, some of which are defined by the colour of their skin.Stands out The purple passion fruit but there is also the yellow passion fruit; other varieties are the sweet passion fruit, the royal passion fruit, the cholupa and the curuba.

Organic passion fruit cultivation in Malaga

The cultivation of passion fruit in our orchard is organic.. The plant is characterised by the fact that it is similar to a vine, which needs a tropical climate to produce its fruits. For this reason, La Axarquía is the ideal environment to obtain the best examples of passion fruit.

In Huerta de Pancha we use the most natural processes for the breeding of our plants . Some of these processes are the following:


The pollination process of our plants is carried out naturally by bees.. At Huerta de Pancha we have beehives close to our passion fruit plantations, so our bees are in charge of pollinating the flowers of all our crops, including this tropical fruit.

Chemical free fertiliser

At Huerta de Pancha we fertilise our passion fruit plants in a completely natural way.. Our fertilisers are organic, and with them we ensure that our plantation grows strong.

With this, we ensure that our passion fruits are totally organic.


The passion fruit is harvested at Huerta de Pancha by hand from the ground. When it comes to picking the best specimens, we make sure that the fruits are in perfect condition, checking whether or not the peel shows any external damage.

How you will receive the Huerta de Pancha’s maracuyas

Our passion fruit is harvested at its optimum point. The optimum point of harvesting does not coincide exactly with the optimum point of ripeness for consumption; they are harvested a little greener. Furthermore, not all passion fruit, even if harvested on the same day, ripen simultaneously, as it depends on the size, position on the bush and many other factors. For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to wait a few days after receiving the order before eating them ripe. A trick to know if the passion fruit is ripe is to check if the peel has wrinkled and turned purple. For packaging, we use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and we always try to ensure that the passion fruit is well protected to avoid damage during transport as far as possible.

How to preserves maracuyas

Passion fruit should be left at room temperature so that it ripens and its flavour softens and sweetens. Once ripe, it can be kept in the fridge for a week or it can be frozen in whole pieces or by extracting the pulp, thus keeping it in optimal conditions for months.

How to eat maracuyas

Its skin cannot be eaten, although it can be used for culinary preparations. Only the pulp and seeds are eaten from the fruit. To enjoy it properly, it is best to eat it fresh. To do this, cut it in half and then, with the help of a spoon, consume the pulp along with the seeds inside. With it you can create a version of the most delicious desserts, such as ice cream or a fruit tart.

Maracuya’s properties from Huerta de Pancha

Passion fruit has many relaxing properties, as it reduces muscle aches and headaches.. It also relaxes the body by combating stress and insomnia.. Among other things, it eliminates coughs and respiratory problems that can be caused by asthma, and also helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent illnesses such as flu or colds.

Among its nutritional contributions, it is notable for its high content of vitamins A and C, and other B vitamins. It also provides a large amount of minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

It contains carbohydrates and sugars, which make passion fruit an ideal fruit for boosting mood and energy.. It is therefore a highly recommended fruit for sportsmen .

Its high fibre content makes this fruit an excellent remedy for constipation, as it helps to regulate intestinal transit.

Another of its great benefits is its antispasmodic effect, which is perfect for controlling menstrual cramps.

Its seeds, meanwhile, have a high oil content, which helps with skin careit protects, strengthens, moisturises and lightens the skin. As well as for the skin, it also works as an effective treatment for the hair, making it shiny, preventing greasiness and promoting hair growth.

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