Privacy Policy

This document establishes the General Conditions of Use by USERS who access the website owned by LA HUERTA DE PANCHA SL (hereinafter LA HUERTA DE PANCHA).

In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the identifying data of the property is set out below.

  • Company name: LA HUERTA DE PANCHA SL
  • CIF: B93569671
  • Registered office: C / Torre Derecha, 0 | 29750 Algarrobo (Malaga)
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 644 29 09 32
  • Web:
  • Global GAP GGN Certification Number: 4059883402698


The website of LA HUERTA DE PANCHA has been made to provide professional Internet services and thus facilitate access by USERS to all information about their characteristics, about the entity itself LA HUERTA DE PANCHA and other information complementary that LA HUERTA DE PANCHA includes directly or through the corresponding links.

From the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website, users will be able to contract and manage the services offered.


The use of the website does not entail the obligation of inscription or registration of the USER. This registration will only be necessary to contract services by entering certain data in a USER registration form where these General Conditions of use and Data Protection Law are reiterated.

The conditions of access and use of the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website are strictly governed by current legislation and by the principle of good faith, the USER committing to make good use of the website. Therefore, all acts that violate the legality, rights or interests of third parties, the right to privacy and honor, data protection, intellectual property and ultimately any action that may constitute illicit conduct are prohibited. Expressly and without limitation LA HUERTA DE PANCHA prohibits the following:

  • Carry out actions that may produce any type of damage to LA HUERTA DE PANCHA’s systems or to third parties on the website or through it by any means.
  • Carry out without due authorization any type of advertising or commercial information directly or covertly, sending unsolicited mass emails or sending large messages in order to block network servers.
  • It is also expressly prohibited to try to test the security of the servers by carrying out any type of entry or action that is not strictly necessary for the enjoyment of the user. LA HUERTA DE PANCHA may interrupt access to its website at any time if it detects a use contrary to the law, good faith or these general conditions.


The contents included in the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website have been prepared and included by:

  • The entity itself LA HUERTA DE PANCHA using internal and external sources, in such a way that LA HUERTA DE PANCHA is only responsible for the content produced internally.
  • The USERS, through collaborations or voluntary introduction of content, being the only ones responsible for them and LA HUERTA DE PANCHA being expressly exempt from any liability that may arise from them.
  • Natural and legal persons outside of LA HUERTA DE PANCHA, either through collaborations that are inserted directly on the website, or through links or links, these being solely responsible for the content thus entered and LA HUERTA DE being expressly exempted. PANCHA of all responsibility in the terms specified by Spanish legislation. In addition, through the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website, products and services from both LA HUERTA DE PANCHA and third parties intended to be marketed are made available to the USER and which will be subject to the General and particular Conditions of each of them. . LA HUERTA DE PANCHA does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy or timeliness of the content relating to the services offered by third parties and is expressly exempt from all liability for damages that may arise from the lack or errors in the characteristics of the services that these third parties may offer.

The USER who wishes to establish a hyperlink on his website to the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website will not make an illegal use or contrary to good faith of the information, services or products made available on the referred website, specifically the USER who enter a hyperlink or link you agree to:

  • Not to destroy, damage or alter in any way the contents, services or products made available to the USER on the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website.
  • Not to declare that LA HUERTA DE PANCHA assumes the supervision of the hyperlink or of the contents of the USER’s own website that introduces a link to the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website on its own website. LA HUERTA DE PANCHA will not be responsible in any case for the contents or services of the USER’s website where a hyperlink or link to the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website is included.
  • Not to include on its own website the brand, trade name or any distinctive sign belonging to LA HUERTA DE PANCHA without the prior authorization of the entity.


4.1. Errors in the connections, fortuitous event and force majeure.

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA will not be responsible for errors, delays in access, delays in the system or any anomaly that may arise in relation to problems of a general nature in the Internet, causes of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure or any other contingency totally unpredictable and therefore alien to the good faith of the company. LA HUERTA DE PANCHA undertakes to try to solve these incidents by using all the means at its disposal and offering all the necessary support to the USER to solve the incidents in the fastest and most satisfactory way possible.

Likewise, LA HUERTA DE PANCHA will not be responsible for failures that for these causes may occur in communications, erasure or incomplete transitions, so that it does not guarantee that the website is operational at all times when it is due to issues not attributable to LA HUERTA DE PANCHA or that it cannot solve with the means that are within its reach. The USER exempts LA HUERTA DE PANCHA from all responsibility if any of these causes begins to occur.

4.2. Use of the website.

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA will not be responsible in any case for errors or damages caused by the inefficient and bad faith use of the service by the CONTRACTOR. Nor will LA HUERTA DE PANCHA be responsible for the major or minor consequences due to the lack of communication between LA HUERTA DE PANCHA and the CONTRACTOR when it is attributable to the non-functioning of the email provided or the falsification of the data provided by the CONTRACTOR in his registration of user at

4.3 Responsibility.

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA assumes the responsibilities that may arise from the provision of the services it offers within the limits and as specified in the different General Contracting Conditions of the services that are made available to the USER.


5.1. Good use of the service.

The USER is obliged to make good use of the service and therefore not to use it in bad faith for any practice that is prohibited by law or rejected by commercial use. LA HUERTA DE PANCHA is empowered by means of these General Conditions of Use, from the moment it has reliable knowledge of the performance by the USER of any action or illegal use in general, to inform the competent authorities of these circumstances and terminate the USER or restrict access to the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA website. The USER will be solely responsible for any claim or legal, judicial or extrajudicial action initiated by third parties directly harmed by the USER before Courts or other bodies, assuming all the expenses, costs and compensation that, where appropriate, may fall on THE HUERTA DE PANCHA if the claim is directed against it. Likewise, LA HUERTA DE PANCHA will collaborate and notify the competent authority of these incidents at the moment in which it has reliable knowledge that the damages caused constitute any type of illegal activity, especially in the field of content entered by the USER that may violate rights or legitimate interests of LA HUERTA DE PANCHA or third parties.

5.2. Reliable knowledge.

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA, in case of receiving any type of communication from a third party about the alleged illegality of any content or activity carried out by a USER of the services of LA HUERTA DE PANCHA and as long as this communication is received from In such a way that the caller identifies himself correctly, he will proceed to inform the USER and, in the event that the activity is manifestly illicit, he will proceed to block the service in question. For this activity to be manifestly illicit, this illegality must be unequivocal for anyone who accesses these contents. In specific cases such as copyright or insults and slander LA HUERTA DE PANCHA cannot decide whether or not the USER has the right to show such content or if they constitute insults or slander, being only the competent authority who can reliably indicate that illegality and, therefore, order the cessation of the service.

5.3. Guard and custody of access codes.

The USER will be responsible for the security and confidentiality of all the keys with which he accesses his private area that are granted to him when registering as a USER to carry out the contracting of the different services, having to keep them in a safe place in order to prevent access to unauthorized third parties.

5.4. Due dilegence.

The USER is responsible for carrying out all the actions that are required with due diligence.In particular, the USER must be diligent with regard to updating and veracity of their personal data, mainly from the email indicated in the form of USER registration as the main means of contact with LA HUERTA DE PANCHA.


LA HUERTA DE PANCHA and the USER agree to communicate and notify each other of all incidents that occur throughout the term of the different services that may be contracted, preferably and prior to any other means of communication, by email. The email address of LA HUERTA DE PANCHA for these communications will be and that of the CONTRACTOR will be the one provided in the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA user registration form at The USER agrees to have this email operational and to modify it from his private area if necessary to continue receiving communications. In any case, if any urgent problem or failure in the previous communication occurs, communications will be made by telephone, fax, postal mail, courier or any other appropriate system for the purpose pursued. However, the preferred means of communication is by email, with LA HUERTA DE PANCHA being exempt from any type of liability that may arise from the lack of consultation or error in the email provided by the USER. Each of the parties will be responsible for the safekeeping and custody of the copies of the communications that are made.


The use by others of the LA HUERTA DE PANCHA brand, which includes both the name and the logo, is prohibited, except with the express consent of LA HUERTA DE PANCHA, all rights are reserved. In addition, the own content (all the images shown are our own content made by us), the programming and the design of the website are fully protected by copyright, being expressly prohibited any reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of the aforementioned protected elements except with the express consent of LA HUERTA DE PANCHA.


These General Conditions are governed by Spanish legislation. For the resolution of any controversy or conflict arising from these general conditions, the Courts and Tribunals of Malaga will be competent, the CONTRACTOR expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to it.


In the event that any clause in this document is declared void, the other clauses will remain in force and will be interpreted taking into account the will of the parties and the purpose of these conditions. This contract is made only in Spanish. LA HUERTA DE PANCHA may not exercise any of the rights and powers conferred in this document, which will not imply in any case the waiver of them, unless expressly acknowledged by LA HUERTA DE PANCHA.

10. Consent and authorization to the processing of your personal data

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA, considers that when you provide us with your personal data through the various forms on this website or by email, you are granting us your authorization and express consent for the processing of your data, if Either revocable and without retroactive effects, and you accept these privacy policies regarding your data, which will be treated with absolute confidentiality and complying with all the legal requirements set forth in the Organic Law on Data Protection and other applicable legislation. These privacy policies are governed by the regulations exclusively applicable in Spain, being subject to it, both nationals and foreigners who use this website.

11. What data do we request and for what purpose?

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA, informs you that in no case is it obliged to provide us with your personal data, and that these are adequate, pertinent and strictly necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are collected, however, these are essential to provide you with the services offered.

The purpose of requesting personal data through our website is none other than to be able to offer you all the following services:

  • Sale of products online: We must request your personal data in order to make the sale to a physical person or company.
  • Home delivery: We must request your personal information and your address to be able to send packages through transport companies.
  • Billing for services provided: We request your personal data in order to bill the service or services that you contract with us.
  • Inform about services: We request your personal data in order to provide you with the commercial information of any of our services that you request or that LA SIMIENTE believes may be of interest to you.

12. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data

For the purposes of the provisions of Organic Law 15/99, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, the client is recognized and may exercise the rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition. To do this, you can communicate the right you wish to exercise in writing or in person at our headquarters in Algarrobo (Malaga), Calle Torre Derecha, or by email at, stating:

  • Name and surname.
  • Request in which the request is specified.
  • Address for the purpose of notifications or email.
  • Date and signature.

13. Transfer or communication of your data

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA, informs you that your data is treated confidentially and used exclusively internally and for the purposes indicated. Therefore, we do not transfer or communicate your data to any third party, unless the CLIENT authorizes it.

Only, you expressly authorize us to communicate your personal data to express transport companies in order to be able to send your orders to the requested destination, in any case complying with Organic Law 15/99 by said companies.

14. Update and Cancellation of your data

It is important that in order for us to keep your personal data updated, you inform us whenever there has been any change in them, otherwise, we are not responsible for their veracity. Likewise, you certify that all the information that you provide us is true, current and relevant for the purpose for which we are requesting it, and that you provide it yourself. We understand that if you do not expressly cancel your personal data from our file, you remain interested in continuing to be included in it until LA HUERTA DE PANCHA deems it appropriate and as long as it is adequate for the purpose for which it was obtained.

15. Cookies

The use of cookies on our web pages has the sole purpose of interrelating the data through the different data request forms. Cookies are files that are stored on your computer during the visit to the website, and are used mainly to facilitate the use of the service. You can visit our cookie policies page: here .

16. Guarantee of Confidentiality and Security of the automated files

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA in response to the trust placed in us and taking into account the importance in terms of protection and confidentiality that your personal data require, informs you that it has adopted all the technical and organizational measures necessary to safeguard the security of the themselves as required by Royal Decree 1720/2007. However, the user must be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable.

LA HUERTA DE PANCHA may modify these privacy policies to adapt them to the legislative or jurisprudential measures on personal data that appear, for which it requires reading them, each time you provide us with your data through this website.