Vegetables and Tomatoes

What is the difference between vegetables and greens?

Vegetables are, by definition, vegetables, and in many cases they can be confused. However, they are not the same type of food, so let’s take a look at the differences and similarities between vegetables.

Firstly, according to the definition in the Spanish Food Code, vegetables are “any herbaceous horticultural plant that can be used as food, either raw or cooked”. Vegetables, on the other hand, are “vegetables in which the edible part is made up of their green organs”.

To sum up, we can say that vegetables are vegetables, but not all vegetables are vegetables, since parts of the vegetable are eaten, which may or may not be the green organs of the vegetable.

Therefore, one of the main ways of classifying vegetables is according to their edible part, which can be the root, the leaves, the stems, the bulbs, the flower, the fruit or the seeds.

When we are dealing with a herbaceous plant, it is a vegetable if the edible part is the leaves or stems. Otherwise, it is a vegetable but not a vegetable.

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