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Black Tomatoes


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In our Huerta de Pancha you can find delicious black tomatoes at an exceptional price. These tomatoes are available between December and May. Sustainably cultivated so that they reach your table with the true taste of tomatoes, the tomato of a lifetime.

Black Tomato or Kumato’s characteristics

Our black tomatoes are extremely sweet and intense. These tomatoes ripen from the inside to the outside, so that the flesh closest to the skin remains crispier. It stands out among the other varieties of tomato for its colour, darker and more intense. Its tonality varies from green to dark brown, hence its name. The firm flesh makes it a perfect fruit to cut into thin slices, but also into larger, regular pieces for salads.

This is how we grow Black tomatoes in Huerta de Pancha

We grow our tomatoes in a sustainable way, avoiding as much as possible the use of pesticides and chemicals for fattening, and we use a natural depollination process, that is, with bees. In this way, we ensure that flowering is completed in a natural way, in order to obtain the best possible quality fruit. We also avoid planting them near other fruiting vegetables.

Black tomatoes at home from Pancha's garden

Black’s tomato’s properties

Our black tomato has no saturated fat or cholesterol, and, in turn, offers minerals, especially potassium and magnesium, and vitamins, mainly A, K, and up to 25% of the recommended daily value for vitamin C. This exceeds what other tomato varieties offer.

Thanks to its nutrient-rich composition, the black tomato has diuretic properties, which help to eliminate toxins from the body. It also has antioxidant effects, which stimulate the functioning of the immune system, especially by increasing the immune system’s defences.

Perhaps the most notable benefit of black tomatoes is the large amount of lycopene they possess. In addition to giving it its characteristic colour, it has powerful antioxidant properties.

Buy black tomato online

Buy the best black tomatoes in La Huerta de Pancha, our online fruit shop, and enjoy the best flavour with the best nutritional properties. You will receive delicious black tomatoes at home! And you can use them in stews, to eat raw or to prepare salads.


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