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Raf tomatoes


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Buy at Huerta de Pancha the most traditional tomatoes, known as Raf or pata negra. These tomatoes are available in season, between December and May.Grown organically and without any additives, so that they retain their traditional “tomato” flavour.

Raf tomato’s characteristics

Raf tomatoes have a firm flesh, but are also characterised by a lot of pulp.. its skin is soft, but also cruchy, and its flavour has an acidic touch.. Therefore, if it is too sweet, it is a sign that it has not fully ripened. They are no more than 10 cmin size, and their flesh, as well as being compact, stands out for its pinkish colour.

In terms of external appearance, the main characteristic of this type of tomato is that it has very pronounced grooves.. They are tomatoes deep green, but they are not dark green

This is how we grow Raf tomatoes at Huerta de Pancha

Our tomatoes are grown in a sustainable way. To do this, we avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals, and use a natural pollination processthat is, with bees. In this way, we ensure that the flowering process is completed in a natural way, in order to obtain the best quality fruit possible

The properties of Raf tomatoes

As for the nutritional properties of the Raf tomato, its high content in water and fibre stand out.. In addition, it is a very low calorie food, which makes it perfect to complement any meal: it provides flavour, a large amount of vitamins (including type C) and other minerals such as iron and potassium.

Raf tomatoes are an excellent choice for seasoning fish or for eating on their own.


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