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Cherry tomato


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Buy cherry tomatoes from Huerta de Pancha, the best hand-picked tomatoes harvested by hand to maintain the freshness and flavor of the tomato of a lifetime.. They are also one of the healthiest and freshest vegetables you can eat.

In Pancha’s vegetable garden we guarantee you the best flavor of cherry tomatoes, both pear and kumatowithout additives and without having artificial fertilizers..

Season: December to June.

Characteristics of red cherrys

Red cherry tomatoes are a variety of variety of tomatoestomatoes, which are characterized by their small size -larger than a grape, but smaller than an apricot, and their rounded or slightly elongated shape. rounded or slightly elongated shape.

In the case of the cherry tomatoes from Huerta de Pancha, they are a little more a little more difficult to findsince we have the authentic cherry-pearwith tomato flavor of a lifetime.. Its size is slightly larger than a normal cherryIt is pear-shaped but without reaching the dimensions of a common pear tomato.

The cherry tomato skin is usually of a powerful red color-or black in the case of kumato cherry- when ripe, but its main characteristic is that it its skin is thinner and softer than that of other tomatoes, which gives it a glossy appearance and a sense of absolute softness.

The pulp of red cherry tomatoes is fleshyfleshy, of a bright pink color with a thin layer of sweet juice.

The cherry tomatoes are characterized by their sweet and fruity sweet and fruity flavorwhich can be somewhat acidic when under sour when under-ripe..

We also sell the black cherry tomatotomato, called morenito. Its exceptional flavor and quality are perfectly adapted to the growing conditions we have in our land.

The season cherry tomato season runs from from December to June.

How you will receive the cherry tomatoes from Pancha’s Orchard

Our cherries are harvested at their optimum point. In the case of cherry tomatoes, the optimum harvesting point does coincide with the optimum ripening point. That is, they can be consumed as soon as they arrive at home (Ready to eat) .

For packaging, we use 100% recyclable cardboard baskets so that they are not loose and can be crushed by other fruit in the box. As we offer two varieties of cherry tomatoes (pear cherry tomatoes and kumato or black pear cherry tomatoes), you will always receive an assortment of both varieties.

They keep all their original flavor and freshness since they do not go through cold storage. We always seek quality for the customer.

Cherry tomato crops in Malaga

The cultivation of cherry tomatoes begins in late summerand is usually extended until the beginning of winterand fruiting in the cooler months of the year the coldest months of the year. Sowing directly in the soiland there are other characteristics of the cultivation of cherries that we expose below.

In La Huerta de Pancha we use natural fertilizerswith natural, unprocessed fertilizer or chemicals. The first major use of fertilizer should be used after the first harvestto help the subsequent development and growth of the plants.

The needs of risk for cherry tomatoes are highly dependent on temperature environmental. At hot climatesit is advisable to to water the soil once or twice a week.especially in the warmer months. As temperature and humidity decreasetemperature and humidity, watering can be spacing of irrigation.

In terms of temperaturecherry tomatoes grow best between 20ºC and 24ºC. between 20ºC and 24ºC. Lower temperatures can result in small and low quality fruits. Therefore, it is important to maintain an adequate temperature in the growing area to produce fruits of good size and flavor. For this reason, the area of the Axarquiaarea, where our orchard is located, is perfect for the correct correct development of these tomatitos.

The soil we use for the cultivation of cherry tomatoes is nutritious and nutritious and with good drainageThis ensures that the fruits get enough water and nutrients. A floor with a pH between 6.0 and 6.8 is ideal for this crop.

Finally, we harvest cherry tomatoes when they are sufficiently ripe; this is usually in the last quarter of the summer. We harvest fruit directly from the stalk.

How to preserve cherry tomatoes

To keep tomatoes fresh it is essential that they do not lose water. Storing it initially in the refrigerator is not a good idea since the cold causes the tomato to lose some of its flavor. As far as possible, the tomato should not be in contact with other fruits.

Properties of red cherry tomatoes

The red cherry tomatoes are an abundant source of two powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. vitamin C and lycopene. Both help to combat premature aging of the cells and protect the body from external harmful effects. In addition, they have a large number of mineralssuch as potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc, which contribute to improve improve the basic functioning of the body.

Finally, this food collaborates in improving the health of the heart, bones, brain and immune system, due to the large amount of anti-inflammatory compounds and phytochemicals. anti-inflammatory compounds and phytochemicals. it contains.


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