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Pink tomatoes


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Buy pink tomatoes at Huerta de Pancha. Here we have the best examples of the pink tomato variety, grwown in a natural way so that they reach your home with the best tomato flavour, the tomato of a lifetime Try them!

What are the characteristics of the Pink tomato?

In terms of appearance, pink tomatoes are notable for their large size, weighing up to half a kilo.. Their skin is of a very fleshy red colour, almost pinkish. The main characteristic of its interior is that it hardly has any pulp: most of its interior is flesh

It has a sweet, slightly acidic tasteThe flavour and aroma are reminiscent of the “tomatoes of yesteryear”. This flavour is further enhanced by the sustainable cultivation characteristic of all our products

Growing Rosa tomatoes in Huerta de Pancha

The pink tomato is one of the tomato varieties that takes the longest time to ripen, due to its large size and the amount of flesh. it has Tomato plants need a lot of nutrients to grow, so at Huerta de Pancha we make sure we don’t grow them near other plants that can rob them of those nutrients.

One of the key points in the cultivation process is the pruning of the plant, which consists of cutting off the side shoots. so that the main plant can grow We are doing this work because in Huerta de Pancha we prefer quality over quantity.

Properties of pink tomatoes from la Huerta

Among the most important nutritional values of the pink tomatoes from the Huerta de Pancha, we find a high potassium content.. In addition, they also have a high content of vitamin C.

Pink tomatoes, on the other hand, are low in calories and carbohydrates and do not contribute any fat to the body.


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