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Italian green peppers from the Huerta de Pancha. With a more intense flavour than the red ones, they are perfect for an Andalusian gazpacho, or they are also delicious fried.

Buy our green peppers and enjoy the natural flavour of a unique vegetable, from the garden to your home!



Italian green pepper’s characteristics

The Italian green pepper is one of the most cultivated and consumed in Spain, which is in an early ripening process. It is easily identified by the bright intense green colour of its skin, which is thin and very easy to remove with a little heat.

It has an elongated and conical shape, therefore, with the tip narrower than the base, and they stand out for being a vegetable with a very short diameter, contrary to what happens with common peppers.

Green peppers are hollow, so that the fruit consumed is only the outline of the peppers, to which the seeds are attached, which may or may not be removed when consumed. The colour of the seeds is white or ivory, while the inside of the pepper is light green with white veins.

Green peppers can be consumed in many ways; for this reason, the texture of the flesh is different in each one of them. When the pepper is eaten raw, the flesh is crunchy; however, when cooked, it has a softer texture.

Italian green pepper crops in Malaga

The cultivation of Italian green peppers in the province of Malaga must take into account a series of specific characteristics.

Firstly, in order to grow this type of pepper we have deep, slightly sandy soil. In addition, the area of our orchard where we plant our peppers is particularly well-lit.

The irrigation needs of green peppers are very special. It is important to water them frequently, but in small quantities. That is why at Huerta de Pancha we use drip irrigation.

The Italian green peppers are harvested after three months of cultivation. For this, as for other fruits and vegetables, we use pruning shears to leave a small stem on the pepper. In this way, we prevent it from spoiling in the first days after harvesting.

In addition, we harvest the peppers at the right time so that they arrive at the buyer’s house at the optimum point of consumption. You can’t miss them!

How you will receive Huerta de Pancha’s green pepper

Our green peppers are harvested at their optimum point. This point, in the case of green peppers, coincides with the point of ripeness. In other words, they are ready to eat once the order arrives at your home (ready to eat). These peppers keep all their natural flavour as they do not go through cold storage. For the packaging, we use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and we always try to ensure that they are as well protected as possible to prevent them from being damaged during transport.

How to preserves green pepper

If you are going to consume them in the short term, they should ideally be kept in the vegetable basket. If you plan to consume them later, you can store them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. With proper refrigeration, a healthy pepper should last three to five days in the refrigerator. You can also store them in the freezer. To do this, wash them and remove the seeds from the inside. They can be frozen whole or sliced. If properly frozen, peppers should retain their flavour and colour for a month.

Green pepper’s properties from Huerta de Pancha

Although the Italian green pepper is a vegetable that provides very few kilocalories, i.e. it is very low in energy, its nutritional properties are very broad.

First of all, it stands out for its high water content. Among the micronutrients and macronutrients, the most remarkable is its vitamin C and vitamin A content, as well as its potassium content.

The consumption of green pepper can have many benefits for the organism; among them, it improves vision and helps to burn fat. In addition, increasing the frequency of consumption of natural green peppers from Huerta de Pancha can help prevent diseases such as cancer.

Our recommendation is to consume green peppers raw, as this is the way in which they retain all their nutritional properties. On the other hand, if you want to enhance its flavour, you can also use it to complement stews, stir-fries or sauces.

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