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Buy natural grapefruit from Huerta de Pancha’s orchard. Our grapefruits are perfect to include in your diet.

It is an unpopular citrus fruit in our country, but it is becoming more and more popular and is becoming one of the healthiest fruits.

At La Huerta de Pancha we have the best grapefruit, which we harvest at the exact point of ripeness so that they arrive at your home at the optimum moment for consumption.

Season: between February and April.

Characteristics of grapefruit

Grapefruit is a tropical fruit of the citrus genus.. It is a fruit of large size and rounded shape, which has become popular all over the world thanks to its many health benefits.

It is characterised by a skin with a texture similar to that of an orange, although the colour may vary from pale yellow to deep red, depending on the variety.

In taste, grapefruit is halfway between the sweetness of orange and the acidity of lemon It also has a more bitter touch of its own, which makes the grapefruit an explosive mix of flavours.

Its pulp, besides being very tasty, is yellow, pink or red, depending on the variety.

Grapefruit varieties

There are different varieties of grapefruit, but generally a distinction is made between two main groups, which are very easy to recognise each other.

On the one hand, there are the white grapefruits, whose skin and flesh are yellow in colour.. They are very colourful, both inside and outside, and have a very similar to that of a lemon, but its shape is more reminiscent of an orange.. In terms of taste, the yellow grapefruits are characteristically sour and slightly bitter, becoming slightly sweeter as they ripen.

In contrast, red grapefruits have a more orange skin.but its flesh is more reddish. They have a sweeter taste than yellow grapefruit, but they stand out for their floral and herbal notes, which gives them a very peculiar flavour.

How you will receive the grapefruit from Huerta de Pancha

The grapefruits from Huerta de Pancha are harvested at their optimum point. In this case, the optimum harvesting point coincides with the optimum ripening point. In other words, you can start eating them as soon as the order arrives at your home (ready to eat). For packaging, we use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and try to ensure that the fruit is as protected as possible to avoid damage during transport. The grapefruit retains all its natural flavour as it does not pass through cold storage. We always strive for the highest quality for the customer.

Grapefruit cultivation in Malaga

When we grow our grapefruit in La Axarquía, we always do it in the best way to ensure a good production and quality of the fruit.

We chose to grow grapefruit because, in order to develop, this fruit needs the climatic conditions of La Axarquía.. Grapefruit tree does not tolerate very low temperatures, so temperatures between 20ºC and 30ºC are perfect for its correct development.

In principle, irrigation is not required for this tree, but when there is insufficient rainfall (around 1200 mm) we do need to water the trees.. The perfect amount of water is the one that makes the land moist but not waterlogged.

Our trees are planted at least 5 metres apart, so that each tree receives its own nutrients and does not cut off sunlight.

Grapefruit pruning is done to maintain the shape of the tree and, at the same time, to remove diseased or dead branches.. In addition, we prune at exactly the right time so that it does its job: we prune the grapefruit in winter before the growing season starts.

Finally, harvesting takes place when the fruit reaches optimum maturity.. We make the harvesting by hand, cutting the fruit with pruning shears, so that the fruit is not damaged during the harvesting process.. We do not store the fruits under artificial refrigeration, but we do the whole process ourselves. as naturally as possible.

How to eat grapefruit

If you want to eat fresh grapefruit, the first thing to do is to wash it with plenty of water, to make sure you remove any bacteria that may have accumulated.

Next, start peeling the grapefruit with a sharp knife, making sure to remove all the peel, membrane and pith from the fruit. As you remove the peel, which is too hard to remove with your hands, you will begin to see the characteristic yellowish-pink flesh of the fruit. Once peeled, divide it into segments in the same way as you would an orange or mandarin and it is ready to eat.

Other ways to eat grapefruit

You can introduce it into meals, combining it with other ingredients.

  • Put it in your salad.
  • Eat it in yoghurt or ice cream.
  • Create a grapefruit salsa, combined with avocado, lime and red onion.
  • Prepare a smoothie.
  • Eat it in slices with sugar.

How to preserve grapefruit

Grapefruit keeps at room temperature for 1-2 weeks. If you want to keep them longer, they can be refrigerated. In addition, both the juice and the peel can be frozen.

Grapefruit properties

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit characterised by its bitter taste, as mentioned above, and by its high vitamin C content.. It also contains other nutrients important for health.

Another of its main characteristics is that a large part of its composition is water, making the grapefruit a perfect fruit to include in weight loss diets (due to its high fibre content, its high proportion of water and the small amount of calories it contains).

In terms of minerals, it is notable for its amount of potassium, a mineral that helps to regulate blood pressure and the balance of fluids in the body.

Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, which protects cells from oxidative damage and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Finally, it is worth noting its high flavonoid content, plant compounds that have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties.

All in all, grapefruit is a healthy and nutritious fruit that can help improve cardiovascular health, prevent chronic diseases and promote healthy digestion.


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