Citrus Caviar

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Citrus Caviar



Citrus caviar originates from Australia. The pods are 3-4cm long and contain spheres similar to caviar roe, hence the name “citrus caviar”. When placed in the mouth, the pellets burst, producing an explosion of mild sour taste.

It produces small white flowers in spring and the fruits can be harvested between October and January. When ripe, they fall or fall off the branches without any effort (if the pulp is not ripe, it can be bitter and astringent) and the pearls spill out as soon as the skin is opened.

Citrus Caviar can be stored outside the refrigerator in an airtight glass container for a few days in a cool place away from sunlight. If we want to store them in the fridge, like other citrus fruits, it is better not to pile them up and allow air to circulate around them.

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