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Bacon avocados


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You can find this variety of avocado in our Huerta de Pancha shop in autumn-winter.. It is usually harvested between September and December. This species of avocado is characterised by its mild and pleasant flavour, with a low far content

Bacon avocado’s characteristics

Bacon avocado has a creamy texture reminiscent of butter and is therefore very popular as a spread on toast and in sauces. It contains less fat than the other varieties. It has an oval pear shape, a medium-large stone, thin skin of an intense green colour and yellowish flesh

Our avocado crops Bacon

This avocado has a very short life on the tree branch because it grows too much and if it is not harvested at the optimum size, it can crack under its own weight. This variety is male, which helps the pollination of the other main variety, Hass The ideal time for planting is the spring season.

The harvesting of Bacon avocados is done manually, in the traditional way, so that the result is the best and most natural for consumption.

Bacon avocado’s properties

Our organic avocado variety Bacon provides a high level of hydration and a low level of calories. compared to other types of avocado. For this reason it is called “light avocado”. From a nutritional point of view, this avocado species helps to hydrate the entire digestive tract. It also contains vitamin A, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium and folic acid, which are very helpful for digestion and the intestinal tract. Strengthens the small and large intestines and promotes evacuation. The bone part contains large proportions of oil, which not only provides a large amount of nutritional benefits, but is also useful in the cosmetics industry.


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