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Pitted, very juicy, naturally grown tangerines. They taste delicious and, because they are not refrigerated, we make sure you get them at their best. These tangerines are not going to come out dry like the ones from the supermarket, which are sometimes a lottery.

Take advantage of our offer, because there are only a few units.

tangerine plantations

Although oranges and tangerines are citrus fruits and have very similar characteristics, their plantations are different. In the case of tangerine trees, these trees must face the sun and require a great deal of water.

The colours of the fruit vary from yellow to red-orange. The flesh is sweet and the texture is tender and juicy. The skin is thick and easy to peel.

Season: November

What makes the difference in the cultivation of our tangerines

The Huerta de Pancha tangerines are grown naturally, without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers. This is the process we follow to ensure that our tangerines are the tastiest in Malaga:

Selection of space

It is essential to choose a good location for the tangerine trees. At Huerta de Pancha we have land where we achieve the optimum conditions for this fruit: no heavy frosts in winter and where the sun reaches the fruit without problems. We make sure to separate the trees in the space, so that the roots can grow without oppression.


Watering of tangerine trees must be continuous. In the Huerta we make sure that the soil is in optimum conditions for the growth of the tree, moist but not waterlogged. To achieve this, we carry out constant monitoring of the plant. Bear in mind that excessive watering can rot the roots, and this will lead to a lack of production in the mandarin plantation.

To achieve optimum production, we irrigate daily in summer and at regular intervals in winter. During the cold months, the space between watering lasts two to three weeks.


Tangerine trees require constant care and attention. Therefore, in order to optimise tangerine production, we carry out annual pruning.

The aim of this pruning is to remove diseased, defective or even dead branches, to allow them to resprout and to maintain production in optimum conditions for the following season. This pruning is carried out after harvesting, and the aim is also to ensure that the tree receives enough sun to reach all the fruit and encourage its growth.

How you will receive tangerines from La Huerta de Pancha’s orchard

We pick our tangerines at their optimum point of harvesting, which allows the product to improve its ripening during the days of transit until reception. We always try to pack the tangerines in such a way that they suffer as little damage as possible during transport. Our tangerines arrive at home ready to eat, straight from the field and without having to go through preservation chambers.

How to preserve tangerines

The tangerine, like the orange, is a fruit that we send fresh, just picked, so it can easily be kept for ten days or more. This requires proper storage: place them in a ventilated place at room temperature. We recommend placing them in a fruit bowl or similar and always avoiding contact with other fruit.

If you want to prolong their shelf life, it is preferable to store them in the fridge, although in this case it should be borne in mind that the cold slightly alters their flavour, attenuating it.


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