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Delicious natural kumquats from Pancha’s orchard. This citrus fruit is the perfect balance between sweet, sour and bitter. This exotic fruit comes from Asia, so it is also known as “Chinese orange” or “dwarf orange”.

Kumquats have the peculiarity that they are fruits that are eaten with the skin on. Moreover, another of the most common ways of consuming kumquats is by making jams.

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Kumquat or chinesse orange’s characteristics

The kumquat is characterised by being a small, orange-coloured, oval-shaped fruit with a very particular aroma. Most of the characteristics of the kumquat are shared with other citrus fruits, such as its bitter taste or its thick skin; although, in this case, the thick skin is more significant because the fruit is smaller. Another peculiarity of the kumquat is that they are eaten with the skin, which has sweet hints and is complemented by its bitter interior.

Like other citrus fruits, the kumquat is divided into segments, in this case between four and five; they also have between two and three seeds.

Our organic kumquats

The cultivation of kumquats in the Huerta de Pancha follows a totally natural process.

The Axarquia is the ideal place for planting organic dwarf oranges, as the kumquat tree is very sensitive to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and in this area of Malaga the temperature never gets too high or too low.

The first step is harvesting, which is done by grafting; this process consists of planting on the roots of other citrus trees, which not only favours the rapid growth of the plants, but also makes them more resistant to changes in temperature.

After planting, it is important to water the plants more abundantly, and then to keep them moist but not flooded. To achieve this, we use drip irrigation techniques.

In Huerta de Pancha we fertilise our kumquat trees in a totally natural way. Our fertilisers are organic, and with them we ensure that our plantation grows strong.

Another of the most important steps in kumquat cultivation is pruning. Pruning of the kumquat tree is done at specific times, and is done to remove broken branches or to improve the shape of the plant.

How you will receive kumquats from Huerta de Pancha

Our kumquats are harvested at their optimum point. This point, in the case of kumquats, coincides with the point of ripening. In other words, they are ready to eat once the order arrives at your home (ready to eat). These kumquats keep all their natural flavour as they do not go through cold storage. For packaging, we pack them in small, 100% recyclable cardboard baskets and then put them in a larger box, also made of 100% recyclable cardboard. We do this to prevent damage during transport and to ensure that they arrive in good condition. We strive for quality for the consumer.

How to preserves kumquats

The kumquat is more delicate and fragile than oranges, as its skin is thinner. At room temperature they keep perfectly well for 5-6 days, but this period can be increased to about three weeks by storing them in the refrigerator. We advise you to avoid storing them in the refrigerator as much as possible because they start to lose their natural flavour.

How to eat kumquats

This fruit, unlike the orange or the mandarin, has an edible peel with a sweet taste, while the inside is more bitter and acid, unlike the rest of citrus fruits.

It can be eaten fresh, although it is also suitable for preparation in syrup or for making homemade jams. In Pancha’s vegetable garden you can find our delicious 100% natural Kumquat jam. This citrus fruit also has a place in cocktails, especially as an accompaniment to white spirits such as gin or vodka. It also contributes its characteristic flavour to sweet and sour sauces that go perfectly with poultry, lamb and especially duck.

Kumquat or chinesse orange’s properties

The kumquat, being a citrus fruit similar to the orange, has an abundant vitamin C content.

Among the health benefits of this fruit, it is worth highlighting that it prevents glucose level rises, which makes it a perfect fruit for patients with diabetes. They also have a high fibre content, the presence of folic acid and a large amount of antioxidant properties.

Another of the essential contributions of the Chinese orange is that of important minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

Another point in favour of the kumquat in terms of its properties is its low caloric content and high water content.

Kumquat types

Although there are varieties of kumquat, not all of them are cultivated in Europe.

The most popular variety of kumquat in Europe is known as Kumquat Nagami or oval kumquat, and it is the variety that we sell in Huerta de Pancha.

Some others are the marumi kumquat, whose fruits are somewhat smaller; the Meiwa kumquat, which is larger and does not usually have seeds; the Hong Kong kumquat, which stands out because its skin is less fleshy; the Changshou kumquat is a fruit that is more elongated than rounded; there is also a variety of kumquat called limequat, which stands out for having a yellow skin.

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